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Outside Europe:


The conversion of pollutants by KNOxOUT has been proven in multi-year trials in London and Manila and verified by independent air quality specialists.


Using KNOxOUT in street canyon areas, reductions in the concentration of NO2 of more than 20% were measured. In (semi-)enclosed areas like parking garages and tunnels, even higher reductions can be expected (see Real-Life Tunnel Trial).

Real-Life Tunnel Trial

The Municipality of The Hague has installed KNOxOUT and special UV lighting in the east side of the Koningstunnel by the Lekstraat exit close to the Central Station on a one-year trial basis. The Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and the DCMR Environmental Protection Agency (DCMR Milieudients Rijnmond) will conduct an air quality study for one year to monitor results.


Start innovative air cleaning Koningstunnel (EN)

Start innovatieve luchtzuivering Koningstunnel (NL)